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Dr. Hans Kluge, World Health Organization’s Senior Official in Europe, yesterday He called for immediate action by officials and civil society groups To control the growing cases of monkey pox, which he said is a real threat to public health. He said more than 1,500 cases had been identified in 25 European countries, accounting for 85% of global cases.

“The extent of this outbreak is a real danger,” Dr. Klug said. “The more circulating the virus, the more widespread it becomes and the stronger the status of the disease in non-endemic countries.” Smallpox is a viral infection native to West Africa, but it has now spread to 39 countries, including 32 that have no previous experience.

Infections are more common than close physical contact, but the virus can also be spread through respiratory droplets in prolonged face-to-face contact. The current outbreak has mainly affected men who have sex with men and has raised concerns about the transfer of Pride events, music festivals and other mass gatherings in the summer. Dr. Klug said the disease was not a reason to cancel the events, but he stressed the need for awareness.

next levels: WHO will meet next week to determine whether an outbreak of a public health emergency is of international concern, an official statement calling for a concerted response by countries.

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