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Student of Mahdavikia and immigrant

The midfielder of Masjed Soleyman Naft team joined Persepolis team with a contract.

According to Varzesh Seh, he was in the camp of Omid team, one day after returning to Tehran, he finalized his negotiations with the whites and joined this team.

He is a member of Masjed Soleyman Oil team and as an right defender in Mehdi Mahdavikia team, he presented acceptable performances. He also has a history of playing as a wingback with the sailor team.

Hasheminejad also has the ability to play on the left side of the defense, and it remains to be seen what Yahya will use him for.

He scored his team’s key goal in the game against Zobahan, which led to the survival of Masjed Soleyman Oil.

He will be included in the list of Persepolis under 23 years old.

This is the fourth summer purchase of Persepolis and the first purchase of this team in the age group of hopes.


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