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Unbelievable statistics of scoring poverty in Iranian football

A review of the scoring statistics in the 21st Premier League reveals the bitter facts about the lack of a goal-scoring striker.

According to the report of “Varzesh Seh” and quoted by the Shahrvand newspaper, a few days after the end of the competitions of the Premier Football League, paying attention to a certain statistic can reveal the horrible reality of the great pain of the country’s football; A statistic that points to the exchange of small goals in a total of 240 matches in the Iranian Premier League and shows the extreme weakness of the attackers working in the Iranian league in scoring goals.
In the last two or three years, Iranian football has been strangely faced with the pain of low goals, and now, with the end of the competitions, this issue can be examined from different angles.
** Only 428 goals, with a comment!
In total, we witnessed 240 matches in the 21st Premier League competitions, and taking into account all the goals scored, the number of 428 goals scored has been recorded for 16 teams. This statistic shows that the average of 1.78 goals scored per game is that the share of each team in the goals scored is an average of 26.75 goals, a low statistic that shows the low share of Iranian football in other leagues in the world.
The remarkable thing about the goals scored is that a few Premier League games were also decided by the disciplinary committee. Examining all the league games, we find that in this league, 5 matches have been reduced to zero by the order of the disciplinary committee, and these 15 goals have also been calculated based on the number of goals scored. The other two games will also have to be assigned by the disciplinary committee, which will probably add 6 more goals in the coming days. Of course, the pain of scoring poverty in Iranian football still does not cure.
** They are the best scorers in the foreign league!
Looking at the statistics of the best scorers in the Premier League, we find that the top 3 players in terms of goals scored are foreigners. After the 21st league, Godwin Mansha, the Nigerian striker from Rafsanjan, won the title with 14 goals. Behind him is Esteghlal’s French striker Kevin Yamga, who has scored 10 goals, and Brazilian Steel striker Luciano Pereira is the third highest scorer with 9 goals. Similarly, the special weakness of Iranian football in not having a goal-scoring striker can be clearly seen.
Given that each team has played 30 games during the season, it is significant that Mr. Premier League goal scorer is also selected with 14 goals scored. Interestingly, Godwin Mansha has scored 9 times from the penalty spot out of his 14 goals scored and has scored only 5 times during the game for Mes. Kevin Yamga also scored five of his 10 goals from the penalty spot to highlight his scoring weaknesses once again.

** Who are the best strikers in Iran?
Among the 16 teams in the Premier League, there are only 5 teams whose Iranian strikers have managed to score more than 7 goals for their team. Sepahan striker Shahriar Moghanloo is the best striker in the Premier League with 9 goals; Mohammad Abbaszadeh, a tractor player, has opened the gates of his opponents 8 times, and Mehdi Abdi (Persepolis), Morteza Tabrizi (Golgohar) and Karim Eslami (Textile) have also scored 7 times for their teams.
In such circumstances, most of the Iranian strikers of other teams have scored between 3 and 6 goals during the season, which again shows the poverty of the striker-scorer in the Iranian Premier League.

** Comparison with prestigious leagues in the world
Comparing the scoring statistics in the Iranian Premier League with the 5 prestigious leagues in the world also proves interesting points in this regard. In the English Premier League, a total of 1071 goals were scored in 380 games, which gives us an average of 2.81 goals per game. In the Spanish La Liga, we see 951 goals scored in 380 games, which is an average of 2.5 goals per game. In the German Bundesliga, 954 goals were scored in 306 games, which shows an extraordinary average of 3.11 goals per game.
A review of this issue at Calcio Italia tells us that 1,089 goals were exchanged in 380 games, with an average of 2.86 goals per game. Also in the French Champions League, 1067 goals were scored in 380 games and the average of goals per game was 2.8.
Although the weakness of scoring in world football is seen compared to previous years, but still the averages and figures in this regard in world football is much higher than Iranian football and the poverty of the striker in our country is evident.
** Iranian football and the strikers who lost…

One of the main reasons why Iranian football is empty of goal-scoring strikers has been the migration of many forwards to Europe over the past two or three years. Iranian players have decided to play in European teams (even second and third tier) in recent years in order to progress and, of course, earn more money due to dollar and Euro contracts, and this has caused Iranian Premier League teams to suffer from not having a goal-scoring striker. .
Apart from Sardar Azmoun, Mehdi Taremi and Karim Ansari-Fard, who are the three main strikers of the national team and have been playing in Europe for many years, other strikers have moved to Europe from the Iranian Premier League in the last two or three years. Forwards such as Shahab Zahedi, Mehrdad Mohammadi, Ali Alipour, Kaveh Rezaei, Ali Ghorbani and others who were among the best scorers in the Iranian Premier League and shone for their domestic teams, but have been to Europe for some time now.
Although there are discussions about the return of some of these people to the Iranian Premier League in the year leading up to the World Cup, which is a positive development in terms of scoring, but their absence in the last two Premier League seasons can be one of the main reasons for football vacancy. Iran considered the striker a goal scorer.
** Everyone wants to buy a foreign striker!
In such a situation, the interest of the coaches of the Premier League teams in attracting foreign strikers has become much greater than before. Right now, if you ask the Premier League coaches what their choice is to cover their scoring weakness, they explicitly raise the issue of attracting a capable foreign player. This is in a situation where attracting a good foreign striker and scoring goals for Premier League teams costs several hundred thousand dollars, which is a huge amount with the current situation of the exchange rate in the Iranian market.


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