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After the continued presence of Hamid Motahhari in Persepolis and Mojtaba Hosseini in Peykan, now everyone is waiting for the unveiling of the textile head coach.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, the textile team is experiencing strange days after the end of the 21st league. The Iranian Cup winner, who said goodbye to his coach Sakhet Elhami before the end of the league, ended the season with his assistant Ismaili, and since then, speculation about the future of the team’s bench has peaked.

It was said that Hamid Motahari is a serious option on the team’s bench and Mojtaba Hosseini was also mentioned as another option, but within 24 hours the presence of these two coaches in the two teams in the capital was confirmed to be removed from the textile bench options.

In such circumstances, it is said that Reza Mohajeri, the head coach of Masjed Soleyman Oil last season, is the option to lead the textile team, and it is possible that he will join Mazani next season.

Of course, nothing has been finalized yet, and the textile managers are trying to clarify the position of head coach in their team as soon as possible.


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