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577 French constituencies cover the mainland, offices and regions abroad, as well as French citizens residing abroad. Each district has one seat. More than 6,200 candidates are competing across the country.

Any number of candidates can compete in the first round in each constituency, but there are certain thresholds for reaching the second round. While in most cases there will be two top voters in the second round, sometimes there may be three or even four of them. Whoever gets more votes in the second round wins the competition. (Under certain conditions, the candidate who receives more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round will win completely.)

A two-tier system usually creates a stable majority that the French government can rely on, but at a cost. The composition of the National Assembly does not always accurately reflect the broader political landscape of the country and usually deviates in favor of the larger parties. The younger ones complain that their voters are not getting the representative they deserve, which fuels dissatisfaction with the political system.

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