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I know our opponent well;

The head coach of the Algerian national team emphasized that they have only one prominent absentee in the match against Iran.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, Jamal Belmadi had an interview on the sidelines of the last training session of the Algerian national team before the training match against Iran, which will be held on Sunday night. The following is his short interview:

* First question: Some people say that this is not your main team that came to Doha, because many of your players are absent. Can you tell me which team did you bring to Doha to play against Iran? Main team or…?
– Of course, we do not have some players. But this squad is our national team and we have about 30 players. We have a good team to face tomorrow in the game with Iran. I know that the Iranian national team is a great team.

* How many of your main players are missing tomorrow?
– There is no fixed player. As I said, we have 45 players competing. For example, there is no evidence of an injury. But we have all the players and we use them. It always happens that we do not have the players we use, but we replace them. This is a national team, not a club.

* How much do you know about the Iranian national team and how do you see tomorrow’s game?
– It is a big game because Iran is a difficult opponent. I know them very well. As the head coach of the national team and Al-Duhail Club, I played with them and Iranian clubs many times, including Sepahan and Persepolis. So I know them exactly and I know they have strong players who have also played in the World Cup.


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