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Bill’s companions finally broke the spell;

Wales drew their first point of the season in the League of Nations with a 1-1 draw against Belgium.

The Welsh national team started the 2022 European League of Nations with a defeat against Poland, according to “Varzesh Se”. The team then crossed the Ukrainian barrier and qualified for the World Cup as the last European representative, but lost again in the return to the League of Nations (2-1 against the Netherlands). The new team of Iran’s national team in the World Cup, tonight in their third game in the European Nations League at 23:15 in Cardiff Stadium against Belgium, which after a 4-1 defeat against the Netherlands, in the second step, Poland 6-1 کرد.

Wales created dangerous situations in the opponent’s goal in the first half of tonight’s game to make the World Cup celebration sweeter with a win in the Nations League and forget the previous two losses, and even if an offside was not close, it could have been. Reach the goal. On the other hand, Belgium had more control over the ball, but this team could not take advantage of its position in the first half.

The game ended in a goalless draw in the second half, with Belgium drawing 9 and drawing 5 in the previous 14 games, more than any other team in the history of the Europa League. The European Red Devils entered the field to maintain this record in the second half by maintaining their offensive face and scored six minutes later.
With accurate and fast passes, the Belgians brought the ball into the penalty area in the most beautiful way possible, and Tilmans’ accurate shot to the bottom of the goal was the end of this beautiful attack, so that the result was 1-0 in favor of the guest.

Not wanting to lose his third game in the League of Nations, Wales put a lot of effort into their home stadium. The team finally scored the equalizer in the 86th minute, thanks to a superb Belgian dominance over the game, with a few passes and a ball into the penalty area by Johnson, one of his most promising players.
Belgium gained 4 points with one point in tonight’s game and was in the second place of the fourth group with a better goal difference than Poland with 4 points. Wales are still leaning on the bottom of the group table with their first point of the season.


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