Urban artillery battle in Ukraine sends civilians east – UA News

LYSYCHANSK, UKRAINE – Fierce clashes in Sivirdotsk on Wednesday after Demolition of a key bridge there In recent days, all Ukrainian forces fighting to preserve this strategically important eastern city have established contact except cut off.

In the neighboring town of Lysichansk, which is separated from Sivorodontsk by a river, Ukrainian forces used the highlands to fire on Russian forces on the opposite shore. New York Times reporters in Lysichansk could see and hear heavy artillery fire coming from both directions through a light rain.

Ukrainian mortar teams moved around Lysichansk, firing several rounds at each location before moving, to prevent a retaliatory Russian firing. On the outskirts of the city, a Ukrainian Grad rocket launcher emerged from its forest hideout and fired about 12 rockets at Sievierodonetsk. A pile of smoke from ignited ammunition was thrown into the air.

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