TikTok star and political chameleon compete for Colombian presidency – UA News

Mr Hernandez’s supporters describe him as a savior who wiped out the city’s deficit, renegotiated contracts in favor of taxpayers and broke the cycle of political grace that turned Bucaramanga into a capital of corruption.

His critics call him a threat to democracy, a herald of ruthless capitalism that destroys the nation, and a man with few political ideas who does whatever it takes to get there.

“What awaits this country is a dictatorship,” said Cesar Fontcha, a former legal adviser to the city’s waste company.

Today, Mr. Hernandez faces corruption charges in that case, accused of pressuring subordinates to ensure a particular company wins with the city. According to the Office of the Inspector General, the contract could have resulted in significant money for his son.

Mr Hernandez’s trial is set to begin on July 21. He has said he is innocent.

“I did not steal anything,” he said. “That’s why I’m calm, with a clear conscience.”

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