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Russia: The West is responsible for weakening the disarmament conference

According to IRNA, the Russian TASS news agency announced on Saturday morning that Belousov said at the meeting of the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, which was held on Friday, that only the representatives of the West are fully responsible for the weakening of the foundations of the Conference on Disarmament, the degradation of its activities and the very uncertain results of the 2022 meeting. are.
He noted that the difficult situation in CD, due to his inability to perform his duties, has reached such an extent that he may be in a coma and unable to perform his duties even at a minimal level. “
As this Russian diplomat emphasized, this happened due to the continued process of increasing the politicization of the forum by the countries representing the West.
Belousov stated that this year, they launched an unprecedented anti-Russian campaign, which, due to its deception, goes far beyond the diplomatic ethics inherent in international multilateral platforms.
Tass says: This “unbridled and well-organized anti-Russian campaign” has become an obstacle to the normal work of the association.
The diplomat said: “It was only thanks to the efforts of the Russian delegation and a whole group of responsible countries that the conference was able to continue its work. Unlike the delegations of Western countries, Russia showed a constructive approach during the meeting.
Belusov emphasized that the continuation of this process of attack threatens more contradictions, the loss of the integrity of the conference and further destruction of its activities.
The deputy representative of Russian diplomacy summarized: All this can lead to the collapse of the conference. And the blame for this lies with the delegations that have fueled this dangerous process for the Kyrgyz Republic for years.

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