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You can be better at 36 than you are at 25

Hamed Shiri, textile captain, says that the high average age of the team did not have much effect on the type of game, running statistics and technical discussion of the team.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, Hamed Shiri, the captain of the textile team, told our reporter about the season that passed: “It was a good season for the textile team and Mazandaran province that we were able to win the championship with the presence of strong teams.” I think it was a big and memorable job. On the day the FA Cup started, perhaps no one believed that the team that won the championship was a textile team. Thank God, we were also from this team and we were able to make the people of Ghaemshahr and Mazandaran province happy.

He said about the extent of his injury: “I got injured in the game with the fan.” During the week, I did my best to play against Zobahan. I even went to Isfahan with the team. Before the game, we tested my condition, but unfortunately I felt pain in my legs and I could not play, but I was with the team.

He continued: Of course, during the league, I was doing medical and physiotherapy. After the end of the league, I continued the treatment process in the north of the country. Thank God my pain has healed and I think I can start training on Saturday.

Regarding the fact that some people believed that the average age of the textile team was high, Shiri replied: “If you look at the main structure of the team, they were the players whose average age was higher.” But the same players were present in over 90% of the matches, both in the league and in the cup. I think this did not have much effect on the type of game, the running statistics and the technical discussion of the team. In any case, when statistics are extracted, they show these cases.

“I believe that at the age of 36 you can work in a way that you are better off than at the age of 25,” he said, referring to one of his best seasons. This is something I have experienced over the years. Just do not get tired of what you do. This will definitely improve the quality of your work, and you will get better each season.

The textile captain also answered about the atmosphere of fans in Mazandaran: I played with this team in League One. Even when I was in Saipa, I followed the team’s results from afar. Thank God it happened that I could play for textiles.

In the end, he said: “After the championship, the weather was all over Mazandaran province and Ghaemshahr city, where people were celebrating and dancing for several days and nights, which is one of the blessings of having a textile team in the first level of Iranian football.”


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