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Trust in Kimich;

Bayern Munich young star Joshua Kimic will lead the club’s project in the coming years.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, the relationship between the head coach and the German star is improving day by day, and Kimic has become an important player at Bayern Munich. Bild reports that Joshua Kimic is expected to have more power in the team and the club and become a more important player on and off the pitch for Bayern Munich next season. Kimich and Julian Nagelzmann, the young Bayern coach, are in regular contact and consult with each other on various occasions, even during the summer holidays.

Next season, Kimic will be a very important and reference player in the Bayern Munich squad and will lead the team. Nagelzaman discusses his plans with Kimich and the German star is very happy with the behavior of the head coach, because he wants to play in a team whose coach has a specific plan and idea. Kimich has criticized former Bayern Munich coaches such as Nico Kovac and Carlo Ancelotti in the club environment and in the past, and did not quite agree with their approach.

Sources close to Bayern Munich claim that Joshua Kimic’s friendly relationship with Nagelzaman at this time is even better than that of the two experienced and famous captains of the team, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Müller, and it looks like Kimich will become the club’s first captain in the coming years. became. Thus, although a few years ago, the German star was not far from leaving Bayern Munich, but the situation has changed and he has found a pivotal role in the club.


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