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The young striker of Shahr Khodro decided to terminate his contract with this club unilaterally by attending the league organization.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, Abolfazl Akasheh, who started the 1400-01 Premier League season with the Tehran fan team under the supervision of Reza Enayati and then left for Shahrkhodro, decided to leave the Mashhadi club at the end of the season.

This sharp striker, who scored two goals against Golgohar Sirjan and Peykan in the last season and also provided two assists, had a contract with Shahrkhodro Club of Mashhad for another season, but decided to leave this team to return to the Premier League. Keep up the good work.

In the last two weeks, Akasheh had submitted a letter of unilateral termination of the contract to the league organization due to non-receipt of his claims from Shahrkhodro Club. He also recorded it.

The 23-year-old striker, who has played for Arak Aluminum, Sepahan, Zobahan and is a fan of Tehran, was named the first player of Shahr Khodro Mashhad to be officially separated from this team.


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