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25 September 1401 at 14:19

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Kepa Arisabalaga:

Kepa Arrizabalaga, Chelsea’s Spanish goalkeeper, claimed that changes in the technical staff have upset Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The first days at Chelsea were difficult for Aubameyang

According to “Verzeh Se”, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Gabonese and former Barcelona star, has a very good relationship with Dortmund since his time in Dortmund. Thomas Tuchel and for this reason in the final days of the summer window Chelsea became. But after only a few days Tuchel was fired from this club and now Kepa Arrizabalaga revealed that the situation did not go well for Aubameyang when he entered the dressing room of this team.

Kepa Arrizabalaga said: “The truth is that Aubameyang was a bit scared and in shock in the first days of his stay at Chelsea. There have been a lot of changes at the club and the last few days have been crazy for the player. In fact, everything that happened to Aubameyang was sad.

Working with Graham Potter? He is very positive mentally and tries to instill that feeling in us. He has changed a few things in the composition and structure of the team, so we have to adapt to it. We have to think, watch and learn how to play under Graham Potter. We should try to create scoring opportunities and the fans should also play a role by creating a good atmosphere in the stadium.

We want to push things forward and of course we’ve only had two or three training sessions under Potter, it’s just the beginning and we’ve seen some positive things in that short time. Now that I have a chance, I will try to give my best performance and help the team. As in my previous matches, I am satisfied with my performance against Salzburg Mies. “I will enjoy playing in the Champions League, so it’s a fresh start and I feel really good.”


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