The family says two Americans fighting for Ukraine are missing – UA News

“Andy did not have an easy choice, he made the right choice,” Joey sobbed in a telephone interview. Andy did not go there for adventure. “He just wanted to help.”

Credit…Via Darla Black

Both the Black and Darwick families said they last heard from the men on June 8, when they each said they would be out of reach for several days.

“Alex’s family has become our family,” Ms. Black said. “If anyone understands how my daughter is feeling right now, it’s Alex’s mother, so we all feel connected.”

Hillary Baird, Seoul’s chief of staff, said an Alabama congressional delegation – including Senators Richard Shelby and Tommy Tobruille, as well as representatives Terry Seoul and Robert Aderholt, representing the men’s districts – is coordinating with the State Department. A spokesman for the governor of Iowa added that the delegation also works with the FBI

Since the start of the war on February 24, an unknown number of foreigners have volunteered to help Ukraine in various ways, including hundreds of American veterans seeking to join the war. The State Department reiterated in a statement that American citizens should not travel to Ukraine.

There are no confirmed reports of American capture, and only one American was killed: Willie Joseph Consul Jr., 22, a former Kentucky Marine infantryman who was captured by Russian forces on April 24 or 25. Was killed. , Mr. Cancel’s uncle, Christopher Cancel, said on one page interview With the New York Times

There were Western governments and human rights groups Made a noise Last week, a Russian-occupied court in eastern Ukraine sentenced two Britons and a Moroccan man to death for mercenaries.

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