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25 September 1401 at 22:31 |

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The day of the defeat of the big tournament against the United States

With the defeat of Yazdani and Nakhodi, Iran lost both the finals of the second day’s competitions against famous American wrestlers.

the end of the second day;  Iran is still longing for gold!

According to Sport Se, with the completion of Amir Hossein Zare’s wrestling and winning a bronze medal, the case of the second day of the world championship freestyle wrestling competition was closed.

Majid Khodayi, a wrestling commentator and former Iranian wrestling champion, announced that today we lost all the important wrestlers with an implicit criticism of the technical staff.

* In today’s competition, Hasan Yazdani won the silver medal in the 86 kg weight category with a heavy defeat of 7:1 against David Taylor in the finals.

*Mohammed Nakhudi won the world silver medal for the second year in a row by defeating world and Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs from the United States in the 79 kg weight category.

* Amir Mohammad Yazdani was the other representative of Iran in the first 4 weights of this competition, in the weight of 70 kg, but he did not participate in the competition due to the draw.

*Iran also has a chance to win a gold medal and a bronze medal in the second 3 weights. World gold medalist Kamran Ghasempour will compete tomorrow night (Saturday) to win the world gold medal in a sensitive and tough competition against Jayden Cox, the world gold medalist and Olympic bronze medalist. He will compete from America and Younes Emami will also compete in the 74 kg weight to win the bronze medal.

*Alireza Sarlak was the second representative of Iran in the 57 kg weight category, who lost in the first round against an opponent from China.


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