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The decision to close banks in Lebanon for three days

According to Anatoly, this union announced in a statement published by local media: The board of directors of the Banks Association in Lebanon has decided to shut down in order to condemn the attacks on banks and employees and to take the necessary regulatory measures.
Today, Friday, 6 new armed attacks on bank branches in different areas of Lebanon (mostly in Beirut) were reported.
Recently, following the refusal of Lebanese banks to pay dollars to depositors, there have been several armed attacks by depositors on bank branches.
For more than two and a half years, Lebanese banks have imposed restrictions on depositors’ money in foreign currency, especially dollars, and have set strict limits for withdrawing money in Lebanese lira.
Since 2019, Lebanon has been facing a severe economic crisis in such a way that the economic situation has led to an unprecedented fall in the value of the country’s currency against the dollar, a shortage of fuel and medicine, and a decrease in people’s purchasing power.

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