The battle for Mariupol led to a factory. Will Sievierodonetsk proceed in the same way?

Eventually, the battle for the Ukrainian city of Mariupol ended in a major contest over a large industrial plant. Now, it seems that the dispute over Sievierodonetsk in eastern Ukraine may be similar.

The trenches under the Mariupol Azofestal Steel Plant, a giant factory complex with giant chimneys dominating the city skyline, provide Ukrainian fighters and civilians with a place to hide – in distressing conditions – for weeks after the rest of the city fell to troops. Russian offered.

The trenches of the Nitrogen Chemical Society plant in Sivorododsk, an industrial city on the banks of the Sivorsky Donetsk River, appear to play a similar role. While the city is being pounded by Russian forces trying to seize the last parts of Luhansk Oblast that were not under their control, fighters at the plant have resisted just a few blocks from the river.

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