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The disappointment of the American official about the lack of effect of sanctions on Russia

According to Fars News Agency, a senior American official said that he was disappointed that the US sanctions had not had a greater impact on the Russian economy. According to the CNN news channel, this American official added: “Currently, we anticipate that at least the most severe impacts on the Russian economy will probably not occur until early next year.” Meanwhile, the American Democratic and Republican senators presented a bill on Wednesday that identifies Russia as a state that supports terrorism. The government of Ukraine had previously asked the US government to apply this label to Russia, but the administration of US President Joe Biden opposed this. Moscow has announced to Washington that if it designates Russia as a state that supports terrorism, the diplomatic relations between the two sides will be badly damaged and may even be severed. North Korea, Cuba, Syria and Iran have been included in this list of America. At the same time, the American government insists on continuing its hostile actions against Russia, which ignored Russia’s demands and interests with the help of the NATO coalition before Moscow’s special operation in Ukraine and caused the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. After the start of this Russian operation, the United States and other Western allies of Kiev have continued to provide all kinds of aid, especially provocative arms aid to Ukraine, and by imposing sanctions against Russia, they have ignited the fire of war in Ukraine and still have no intention of stopping the hostilities. The end of the message.

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