“Suspicious death” of a doctor related to Abadan metropolis; Police are “investigating” – UA News

Some news sources report the “suspicious death” of a doctor related to the fatal collapse of the Abadan metropolitan commercial complex, but the official Iranian media have stated that the cause of death was “falling from a building.”

The independent channel of medical students of the country has written in this regard that Dr. “Payvand Allameh”, one of the “prominent doctors” of Abadan city in Khuzestan province, “for an unknown reason” jumped down from the lobby of his house on the fifth floor of Arvand beach tower and Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Abadan was transferred.

Meanwhile, some other media outlets, including Hamshahri, have mentioned the name of this doctor as “Evand Allameh”.

According to these sources, the medical team stated that at the time of his transfer to the hospital, the general condition of this “emergency medicine doctor” was very “serious”, the doctors’ efforts to save his life were unsuccessful and “he died moments after the transfer. . »

The Rokna news website also reported that the police were investigating the “exact details of the cause of the accident and the suicide of the Abadani doctor”.

Page image attributed to Allameh transplant in one of the health portals in Iran
Page image attributed to Allameh transplant in one of the health portals in Iran

The 11-storey commercial and office twin tower of the Abadan Metropolis, part of which was in operation and part of which was being completed, was built about a month ago due to “non-compliance with construction standards” and “lack of supervision by urban institutions.” The so-called “corruption between the executive and supervisory departments” collapsed and many citizens remained under its rubble.

Saeed Hafezi, an Abadani journalist living in Germany, wrote in this regard that during a “radio corner investigation” and contact with “a member of the Abadan medical system”, Allameh was “killed” and “did not commit suicide!” Citing the statements of this member of the Abadan medical system, who did not name him, he claimed that he was the same person who “did not confirm the identity of the body of Hussein Abdul Baqi” in the first half of the night in the metropolis! “

Some citizens of Abadani have distorted the reports published by the judicial and executive authorities or the Islamic Republic Radio and Television about the “death of Hussein Abdul Baqi”, the owner of the holding holding the Metropolis Tower, and in many rallies demanded a clear report about him and his communication network with some leaders. They have become a government.

Some social media users have also written in this regard that “Dr. Peyvand Allameh” from Abadan was a doctor who “did not confirm Abdul Baqi’s body” and finally “to cover up the case”, it was announced that he had died as a result of “falling from the building”. .

On the other hand, the state news agency “IRNA” quoted Mohammad Mohammadi, the head of Abadan University of Medical Sciences, as saying that “Payvand Allameh” “lost his life” on Friday evening after “falling from the eighth floor of his house” in the Arvand beach tower. Gave. “

At the same time, journalist Dariush Memar tweeted that Payvand Allamehzadeh, a doctor who “refused to confirm the body of Hossein Abdolbaqi on the first night of the Metropolitan crime,” committed suicide from the eighth-floor balcony of the building “built by Hossein Abdolbaqi.” Referring to similar cases announced in recent days, he added: “Last week, the IRGC intelligence said (Colonel Pasdar) Ismailzadeh, a colleague (Colonel) of Sayad Khodaei, also committed suicide by falling from the balcony !!” How much lies ?!

Hussein Abdul Baqi, the owner of Abdul Baqi Holding and the builder of the Metropolitan Twin Towers, who had repeatedly been “praised and applauded by various officials” and dubbed the “security benefactor”, was able to “create a barrier” by using “special rents and relationships”. In response to complaints and reports of violations “, to continue this project until the second day of June this year and moments before the fall.

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