Shooting at the hearts of 80 million Iranians / Photo – UA News

Shooting at the hearts of 80 million Iranians / Photo

According to the online news agency; In the 1998 World Cup in France, Iran was placed in a group along with Germany, Yugoslavia and the United States. Iran in the first game against Yugoslavia with Nima Nakisa, Mehdi Pashazadeh, Nader Mohammadkhani, Mehrdad Minavand, Javad Zarincheh, Mohammad Khakpour, Mehdi Mahdavi Kia, Karim Bagheri, Hamid Estili (Alireza Mansoorian from the 68th minute), Khodadad Azizi and Ali Daei He went to the field and finally lost 1-0.

Iran performed well in the game, and Yugoslavia won thanks to a free kick by Sinisa Mihajlovic, who placed Iran’s second goalkeeper in Nakisa’s goal.

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