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With the death of Mehsa Amini, a young woman who was taken to the hospital in a critical condition hours after being arrested by the police command and died on Friday after several days in a coma, a gathering of people in front of the Kasri Hospital in Tehran faced violence from government forces. became. At the same time, Prince Reza Pahlavi, Javed Rahman, Amnesty International, and many other well-known individuals and institutions reacted to this incident.

Mehsa Amini, 22, from Saqqez, who had traveled to Tehran with her family, was arrested on 22 Shahrivar by Gesht Irshad and was taken to the “Moral Security Police” detention center on Vezara Street, and a few hours later, she was taken to Kasri Hospital by ambulance.

  • Prince Reza Pahlavi

In the latest reactions to this incident, Prince Reza Pahlavi wrote in an Instagram post: “This time, a young woman named Mahsa Amini, whom I see as my daughter, has become a victim of the misogynistic regime of the Islamic Republic.”

Emphasizing that “this regime’s hostility towards women is not hidden from anyone”, he added: “I want all my compatriots, men and women, to stand up against this brutality in any way they can and support the freedom-seeking women of Iran.”

  • Robert Malley, US Special Envoy for Iran Affairs

Robert Maley, the special envoy of the United States Department of State for Iran Affairs, also tweeted with the hashtag #Mehsa_Amini, while expressing his sympathy to the family of Mehsa Amini, calling the death of this young woman “horrific” following the injuries she sustained while in custody.

Robert Mali’s tweet said: “Iran must end violence against women for exercising their constitutional rights.” Those responsible for his death must be held accountable.”

  • Javed Rahman: The UN Human Rights Council should issue a resolution

In response to a question about Mehsa Amini, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran, on Friday, referring to the imposition of hijab by the Islamic Republic on Iranian women and cases of acid attacks due to non-compliance, asked the Human Rights Council for a resolution condemning Enforce hijab for women in Iran.

Mr. Rahman, who spoke at a virtual event on the sidelines of the 50th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council under the title “Challenges related to health rights in Iran”, considered the path taken by the Iranian authorities as “shameful” and recommended that “the Human Rights Council Bishr should approve a resolution against the mandatory hijab.

Expressing “deep regret” for what happened to Mahsa Amini, Javed Rahman emphasized: “Unfortunately, the concern about human rights violations that are happening in the Islamic Republic of Iran today is wider.”

The United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in Iran, stating that since assuming this responsibility, he has contacted the authorities of the Islamic Republic many times and tried to have the “best interaction” with them, adding: “I have emphasized many times that we must I am allowed to go to this country. Because it is very important for us to be able to have a first-hand look at the situation.”

He also emphasized the increase in “very serious human rights violations” including “increase in the cases of violations of the right to life and executions, especially of child criminals and ethnic and religious minorities” since Ebrahim Raisi took office.

Referring to his previous report, Mr. Rahman emphasized that “Iran is a country where the number of executions of women is very high” and said: “The issue of women’s and girls’ rights and the issue of compulsory hijab is really disturbing.”

According to him, Iranian women “are not willing to consider the hijab as part of their culture and values” and “the right to express themselves” is one of the things “physical and mental health” that should be “given the right to independence to women so that they can express themselves.” do it.” To be given the right to express oneself. However, for not complying with the mandatory hijab, “imprisonment and fines are considered in Iran’s criminal law” and a number of women have been “imprisoned.”

Javed Rahman emphasized: “I recorded and documented that it was not just a matter of the Irshad patrol, but they encouraged people to go and violate women’s rights. Acid has been thrown on women just because their clothing did not fit the definition of moral values.

  • Mehrangiz Kar, lawyer

Regarding the death of Mehsa Amini under the custody of the police command, Mehraniz Kar told Voice of America’s Farsi section: “This is not the first time, and it will certainly not be the last time until this political system.”

According to Mrs. Kar, Mehsa Amini’s arrest was “completely illegal from the point of view of their own laws and was an act to start a murder.”

This jurist emphasized: “If we want to look at the laws accurately and correctly, taking that girl away from her brother has no legal issue, and there is nothing in the laws that says we are taking you to justify you or to teach you.”

  • Amnesty International: Criminal investigation is essential

Also, Amnesty International called for a criminal investigation into the death of Mehsa Amini and declared: “The circumstances leading to the suspicious death of 22-year-old Mehsa Amini during detention, which included reports of torture and other ill-treatment, should be investigated.” “

This international human rights body announced on Friday that “all agents and officials responsible in this case must be brought to justice.”

  • Security atmosphere around Kasri Hospital

A number of people have gathered in front of Kasri Hospital, the place where Mehsa Amini died. According to video reports, there is a security atmosphere around the hospital and officers have attacked people.

At the same time, the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio and Television claimed that Mehsa Amini had a “stroke” by publishing images from the police detention center’s camera.

On Friday 25th of Shahrivar, following the widespread reaction of citizens and cyberspace users to the severe and coercive police treatment of Mehsa Amini, which led to her coma in the hospital, Ebrahim Raisi ordered his interior minister to follow up on this issue. This is while Mahsa Amini’s uncle confirmed in an interview with Faraz online newspaper that he has passed away.

The official page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel in Farsi has published a tweet with the theme of condolence, including his name in the list of victims of the leader of the Islamic Republic.

This is while Ebrahim Raisi, who is in Uzbekistan to participate in the Shanghai Summit, has requested that the Ministry of Interior investigate the case of Mehsa Amini, a 22-year-old girl from Saqqez, who was arrested by Tehran’s guidance patrol forces on Wednesday this week. to investigate the violent behavior of the police in the minister’s detention center, he suffered a stroke and went into a coma.

Mahmoud Sadeghi, the representative of the people of Tehran in the 10th term of the Islamic Council and a member of the Iranian Bar Association, but in response to Raisi’s order, implicitly identified the head of the 13th government as the main cause of such incidents and demanded the dismantling of the guidance patrol and an apology from Ibrahim Raisi. .

Attorney Saeed Dehghan also considers the responsibility of such actions and incidents to be the first person of the country. In a tweet, this lawyer attributed Mehsa’s murder to the Commander-in-Chief and Chief of the Moral Security Police and Head of the Guidance Patrol.

In a tweet, Mohsen Abdulahi, a lawyer and university professor, introduced such an incident as a continuation of the procedure of violent treatment and the death of Zahra Kazemi, and called it the result of supporting the criminal officers.

In the meantime, Ali Karimi, a football star and social activist, tweeted a picture of Mehsa Amini on the hospital bed: “The future of Iran is a woman.”

Written by Asghar Farhadi in response to the violent encounter with Mehsa Amini
Written by Asghar Farhadi in response to the violent encounter with Mehsa Amini

Asghar Farhadi also expressed his displeasure with such an incident by publishing an article on the Instagram social network, pointing out the destruction of the dreams of a young girl and questioning the collective silence in the face of such incidents. With an implicit reference to the people of Iran, he wrote with the title of the city of sleepers: We have put ourselves to sleep in the face of this endless oppression. We are partners in this crime.

The reactions to the forced treatment of Mehsa Amini were not limited to famous Iranian figures and many famous figures and international journalists also reacted to it. In the meantime, Leah Remini, an American actress and social activist, reacted to it and considered this incident unacceptable. Reposting her pictures, this American series actress tweeted: “Mehsa Amini, 22 years old, is in a coma after being tortured by Iranian authorities.”

Mehsa Amini’s hashtag, which has been trending on Twitter for the past week, has also gained attention on other platforms of Persian language social networks, including Instagram, and the social discussion network Clubhouse has also hosted several rooms in this regard.

This is while Mohammad Akhwan, the editor-in-chief of Javan newspaper, has implicitly tried to reduce the importance of this incident by presenting the statistics and comparison of those killed by the American police in a tweet.

The behavior of the responsible editor of the newspaper affiliated to the IRGC, however, faced a wide and more or less sharp reaction from many users on social networks. A user in response to this procedure expressed by the responsible director of Jawan newspaper wrote: “How good is it that we have a hijab police who only sometimes breaks skulls, not always? Is this what you mean?

On Thursday, Tehran police also confirmed that Mahsa Amini had a “heart attack” after being arrested by a police patrol, but explained that “a lady was directed to one of the Greater Tehran Police Departments for explanation and training, and suddenly she was among others. “The guided people suddenly had a heart problem.”

Mozhgan Jamshidi, an environmental journalist, also published a tweet criticizing the violent behavior of the Iranian police and wrote: “Where in the world do innocent people lose their temper when they see the police and have a stroke and a heart attack at the same time?!!! “It is only in Iran that encountering the police or being in a forced situation of guidance can result in your death.”

The publication of unconfirmed news about the death of Mahsa Amini is published while the news agency of Iran’s students, Isna, has reported, quoting the judiciary, that a special working group of forensic doctors has been formed to medically examine the physical condition of Mahsa Amini and make detailed investigations. Put specialized and expert.

According to Isna, this working group started its activity by inviting Mahsa Amini’s treatment staff and with the presence of experienced forensic medicine experts and examined his latest physical condition.

At the same time, Hassan Khomeini reacted to this incident and wrote on his Instagram page that “the news of Mehsa Amini’s coma hurt the feelings of our society. The police force must be accountable and the judiciary must deal decisively with the culprits.

Shiva Ghasemipour, a member of the women’s faction of the parliament, also announced that the incident will be investigated in the parliament and clarified for the people next week. IRNA news agency quoted him as reporting that “the examination of the police surveillance cameras that recorded the images related to Mehsa Amini is one of our demands from the police officials so that the matter becomes clear to the representatives and the people.”

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