Seven earthquakes in the waters of the Persian Gulf; At least four people were injured in Kish – UA News

The occurrence of seven earthquakes on Wednesday in the waters around Kish Island in southern Iran caused tremors in Hormozgan and Fars provinces, as well as Dubai and other areas of the Persian Gulf.

United States Geological Survey Six quakes measuring 4 on the Richter scale and less than 5 on the Richter scale, as well as a magnitude 5.5 earthquake, struck near Kish.

The state news agency of the Islamic Republic, IRNA, says that the occurrence of these earthquakes caused panic and anxiety in the areas around the epicenter, including Kish Island and the south of Fars province.

According to the report, the earthquakes shook the Chark and Jinnah areas in Hormozgan province between 10:25 and 11:52. Officials say assessment teams are investigating whether the quake affected the area. They say relief teams have also been dispatched.

Iranian state television also reported that authorities had sent relief teams to the city of Jinnah in Hormozgan province.

The Islamic Republic News Agency, IRNA, quoted the director of the Kish Free Zone Organization as saying that four people were injured during the quake due to fear and escape.

The Associated Press also reported that people in the UAE felt the quake. A similar report has been published from Qatar.

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