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Sending two disabled cyclists to the Asian Championship in India

The coach of the national cycling team announced the dispatch of two cyclists to the Asian-Indian championship and said: “These competitions will be held in the track and we hope to win the gold medal of Mehdi Mohammadi in the 4 km individual race.”

In an interview with ISNA, Farhad Asfouri said about the time of sending disabled cyclists to the Asian Championships in India: Mehdi Mohammadi and Behrooz Farzad are two cyclists who will leave for India on Tuesday, June 15th, but Behrouz Farzad will pay at his own expense. And with the support of the sponsor, he will participate in this tournament, which will be supported by the National Paralympic Committee if he wins a medal.
Regarding the start time of the cyclist’s competitions, he said: The competitions will start on Saturday, June 19th, in the track (one kilometer and 4 kilometers individually) and will continue for 3 days. Both cyclists are in good condition and there is no particular problem.
The coach of the national cycling team on the question of how much hope there is for cyclists to win a medal in the Asian Championship, added: Mehdi Mohammadi is one of the most experienced and good cyclists in our country who won a gold medal in road competitions, also in this tournament. Considering that 4 km solo is Mohammadi’s specialty, we have high hopes of winning his gold medal in this subject. Of course, Behrouz Farzad also has a great chance to win a medal in one individual kilometer.
Asked whether the cyclists have any problems with the equipment to participate in the Asian Championship, Asfouri said: “Given that the disabled cyclists are supported by the Cycling Federation, the federation has provided all the necessary equipment and facilities to the athletes.” And there is no problem in terms of equipment.
In the end, he answered the question whether the points of these competitions are calculated to win the quota of the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris or not? He said: “The points of these competitions will be calculated to win the entrance quota for the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris, and any cyclist who can get the most points will be eligible to participate in the Paralympic Games.”
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