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Yes, exactly. Biden promised to welcome the United States more, and asylum seekers hoped he would do so. Under the Trump administration, policies restricted access to asylum even before the epidemic.

What happens when people cross the border?

After covering a week of hearings in Washington, D.C., I traveled to the Rio Grande Valley in the United States, where I heard emotions such as “the border is broken” or “they have been trampled.” But when I went to the parts of South Texas that were being talked about, I did not see it. I did not find chaos.

The border is apparently closed and about half of the migrants who enter are deported under the title 42. Some of them are returned home or to Mexico, like the Haitians I saw in Reynosa.

But a lot of immigrants They are allowed to stay in the United States temporarily for diffrent reasons. Some may wait to face deportation, but have waited years for court dates because immigration courts are overcrowded. Many are trying to apply for asylum.

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