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25 September 1401 at 23:54

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Independence started on the last Friday of summer

After a 5-day break, the training of the capital’s blue-clad players resumed with the presence of Ricardo Sapinto.

Sapinto receives his national uniforms

According to “Verzeh Se” report, Sapinto had previously told his students that he would give them a few days’ rest as a reward only if they win against Nasaji.
After 6 weeks of Premier League and reaching Fifadi, vacation for Esteghlal players has arrived.

Of course, the large number of independence nationalists were excluded from this rule.
Hosseini, Hardani, Jalali, Mehdipour, Mohebi and Qaidi were invited to the initial list of Carlos Queiroz so that there is no rest for them.

With the announcement of the final list, now 3 Esteghlal players, Mehdipour, Mohebi and Qaidi, must return to Esteghlal training.

Today’s training of the Blues was held at 17:30 at the Revolution Sports Complex and Sapinto had full supervision over the training of the Blues.

Esteghlal’s midfielders have high hopes of becoming national team, and before this, Cheshmi, Rezavand and Niknefs had announced in interviews that with the presence of Kirosh, they have a lot of motivation to prove themselves to him and be included in Kirosh’s final list.

The condition of the two defenders of Esteghlal is complicated and they should do their best to get the national team shirt back until the World Cup starts.
Siavash Yazdani, who lost the jersey of the national team and Esteghlal at the same time in March of last year, after almost 6 months away from the fields due to military service, it is difficult to convince the Portuguese man to attend Qatar.
At first, he has to convince Sapinto to be included in Esteghlal’s starting line-up so that he can think about the national team.

The second defender of Esteghlal, who will have a difficult task ahead of him, is Aref Gholami.
Aref, who did not imagine that he would not be included in the initial list of Keirosh, after leaving all his Premier League teammates except Pour Aliganji from the final list of Keirosh, now he has high hopes to be the second middle defense of the national team in the Premier League in Qatar.

Esteghlal will not play in the Premier League for almost 2 more weeks, and during this time, the Portuguese man of the Blues can make the most of the return of the 3 main elements of his team from the national team and bring the harmony between the players to the peak.

Except for Seyed Hossein Hosseini, he now has his initial composition in the game with Nasaji and it will not be difficult to advance his ideas.

In these 2 weeks, the Blues are going to hold some preparatory meetings to maintain their preparation.


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