Rogue Putin says Russia will prosper without the West – UA News

On the other hand, the war has created new obstacles to Ukraine’s European aspirations beyond the obvious threat of Russian occupation. Opposition TV stations were exempted from a national cable system under martial law. If war and martial law continue for months or years, regular elections are unlikely.

“The government deserves only encouragement to gain Ukraine’s long-term acceptance as a candidate for EU membership,” Volodymyr Arif, a member of the Ukrainian parliament from the opposition European Solidarity Party, said in an interview. But we must maintain our development in a democratic way, otherwise we may lose our candidacy status.

The final decision on the official candidacy of Moldova and Ukraine for EU membership will be made by EU leaders next week in Brussels. The commission said it would assess Ukraine’s progress by the end of the year.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelinsky welcomed the commission’s recommendation, saying it would help his country stay away from Russia. “This is the first step on the path to EU membership, which will definitely bring us closer to victory,” he said. Wrote on Twitter.

Mr Putin’s remarks at the Economic Forum were delayed by more than an hour after the Kremlin referred to “large-scale” cyber-attacks on the conference’s computer systems. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of protesters, most of whom were members of the Ukrainian Information Technology Army (ICTY), a “hacktivist” group behind previous attacks on Russian websites.

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