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The brilliance of Edward Camavinga:

Real Madrid’s French star Edouard Camavinga played a key role in the team’s Champions League victory.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, Real Madrid has not been very active in the transfer market in recent years and has focused on attracting young and promising stars. It was last year, in the final hours of the summer window, that the transfer of Killian Mbabane to Real Madrid was canceled and they soon reached an agreement with Eduard Camavinga. But the player shone in his first season in Madrid and played a key role in the team’s historic return to the Champions League.

In the return match against Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid was not far from being eliminated and the conditions were not very good during the match, but Eduard Camavinga entered the field in the 57th minute and Karim Benzema with his historic hat-trick in the Bernabeu was able to climb one trunk. Figure out Real Madrid. In the game against Chelsea, however, this time the English team was ahead by two goals, and after Edward Camavinga entered the field in the 73rd minute, he scored again.

But then Real Madrid scored twice by Rodigo and Karim Benzema and finally managed to advance to the next round. In the game against Manchester City, the team scored once in the Bernabeu and was not far from reaching the final. But this time Eduard Camavinga came on in the 75th minute, followed by Real Madrid, who scored three times and advanced to the Champions League final.


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