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Seyed Mehdi Rahmati, the head coach of Arak Aluminum, was one of the special figures in the opening ceremony of Seyed Jalal Hosseini Gym.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, Persepolis captain Seyed Jalal Hosseini, who has reached the end of his contract with the whites, officially inaugurated his gym today, which was accompanied by the presence of many prominent figures.

One of the special guests at the opening ceremony of Seyed Jalal Gym was none other than Seyed Mehdi Rahmati, the current head coach of Arak Aluminum and an old rival of the Persepolis captain, whose presence at the ceremony was interesting.

Rahmati and Hosseini, who have been friends for a long time, have been facing each other for a long time in many cities of Tehran, and in some of these matches, tensions have been created between the parties.

The biggest example of the confrontation between Hosseini and Rahmati dates back to the ’85 derby, where the two argued in a scene in which the two sides were finally shown a yellow card by Alireza Faghani. Then, in the same derby, Hosseini was able to open the gate of mercy, which was followed by a clash between the captains of the Sorkhabi, which caused Faghani to show the second yellow card to Esteghlal.

That match ended with the victory of Esteghlal and Rahmati. Now and several years after that controversial match, Rahmati in the guise of an aluminum head coach attended the opening ceremony of Seyed Jalal Gym. Hosseini, who may experience the last days of his stay in Persepolis, was also a teammate in Sepahan.

In the end, Rahmati refused to speak to reporters and left the venue without talking to the media. In response to a question about the national team, he only said that he is not in a position to talk about the national team.


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