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The veteran of Persepolis club was introduced as the school principal of this club and will follow the work in this section.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, the former defender of the national team and Persepolis club, who was previously in charge of the club’s academy, was introduced as the school principal of the club by a decree from the general manager of the whites.

This morning (Sunday), Reza Darvish issued a ruling introducing Mohammad Panjali as the director of Persepolis Football Academy and Schools.

In this ruling, it is hoped that with regard to experiences and expertise, upgrading the level of training, identifying players to help Persepolis football teams, and organizing and monitoring the performance of football schools will be on the agenda.

Panjali had previously tried to win the title by promising sponsorship and financial support from the academy, which was eventually awarded to Mohsen Khalili. Now the club management has introduced him as the director of Persepolis club schools.


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