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25 September 1401 at 23:07

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We have complete trust in all team members

The Iranian head coach of Ittehad Kalba says that if they used their positions, a better result would have been achieved.

Majidi: Our substitutions made Kolaba win

According to the report of “Varzeh Se”, the football team hut association In the third round of the ADNOC League of the Emirates, they passed Al-Dhafra Dam with a score of 2-0 and reached the fourth place in the standings.

Farhad Majidi said in the press conference after the game: We are happy that we won the second consecutive victory, we played a good game in the two halves. We controlled the race and its process.

He added: “If we had used the opportunities that arose for us in the first half, we could have gotten a better result and scored more goals.” The changes we made during the game made the difference between the two teams and our victory.

In the end, Majidi said: The players of Ittihad Kolba deserve recognition after their performance during the match. Congratulations to the players, fans and team managers for this victory and reaching 6 points.


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