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The draw for the new season of the English Premier League has been announced by the English Football Association.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, the Premier League will be followed up again in about a month and a half. Manchester City and Liverpool are looking to win the title again, Pep Guardiola for the fifth title in six years and Jürgen Klopp looking for their second Premier League title. Tottenham are working with Antonio Conte to spurs Spurs into the title race. Chelsea and Arsenal will both be looking to qualify for the Champions League and have a glimpse of winning the title. But Manchester United fans are hoping that under Eric Ton Hoch, things will be much better than in previous seasons.

The first week matches are as follows:
Crystal Palace – Arsenal
Fulham – Liverpool
Bournemouth – Aston Villa
Leeds – Wolverhampton
Leicester City – Brentford
Newcastle – Nottinghamfarst
Tottenham – Southampton
Everton – Chelsea
Manchester United – Brighton
West Ham – Manchester City

It is worth mentioning that the Premier League teams play Boxing Day on December 28 every year, but this year, in order to prevent the players from getting tired and to help them after the end of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, this day the program of this season’s Premier League is eliminated. And no competition will be held. The season starts on August 5 و and the Crystal Palace match against Arsenal begins. The tournament will be closed after the 16th week from November 24 to December 18 due to the World Cup. The Premier League matches will be followed from the 17th week on December 16 and the final week of the Premier League will be held on May 7.

The history of the important derbies of the English Premier League in the new season:

Schedule for the first six weeks of this Premier League season:


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