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According to “Varzesh Seh”, Abuzar Noghani, a young Iranian coach, has had different experiences in different countries of the world in recent years. After completing his overseas coaching career, Noghani joined the Cardiff City Under-21 team in Wales, where he later worked as an assistant for Portugal’s Olyans and Atletico SUP. Interestingly, Abuzar Noghani was not even close to being on the North Korean bench, but in the end this was ruled out for non-football reasons.

Abuzar Noghani, due to his years of activity in Wales (one of Iran’s opponents in the World Cup), has had a good relationship with the members of the Football Federation of this country and especially David Adams, the technical director of the national team of this country. But it is interesting that he also befriended Tim Cahill, a famous and former Australian football star, and talked about the presence of this player in the training sessions of the Iranian national team in recent days, and of course the confrontation with the Wales national team in the World Cup, with “Varzesh Se” website. has done.

First of all, would you like to talk about your career as a coach?
First, I started my career at university and got a bachelor’s degree in football coaching. Interestingly, the director of my university department was also David Adams, the current technical director of the Wales national team. This course helped me a lot. I then took coaching courses under the Welsh and English federations and tried to improve my football academic knowledge. I went on to work as an assistant in Wales and later on the Cardiff City Under-23 team. I was an assistant to a Portuguese coach and I worked with him in Portugal for two years. I have been a member of the Newport youth team in England for three years and now I work in Lithuania and at the Babrangas club.

You were the choice to lead the Iranian national youth team, and today Samad Marfavi was chosen as the head coach. How serious were your negotiations?

Interestingly, talks with me were taking place until an hour before the news broke. I negotiated with the members of the technical committee. In the past, I was asked to schedule, and I provided a 100-day schedule for training and friendly matches. Yesterday I sent my last program for 86 days from the beginning of next week.

There are reasons for not choosing me. But one point is that people inside Iranian football think that those who are outside have no information about domestic football. But I have complete information about Iranian football. But that was the decision of the technical committee, and I respect that. I worked in different countries, I had an offer from Zimbabwe. In this situation, the assistant from that country should be used. The same thing happened to Carlos Queiroz and Stramaccioni.

There are two views on Skochic in Iran; There is a group against him and they believe that Esco is not ready to participate in the World Cup. The group agrees that he has achieved good results and should continue to work. What decision would you make if you were the president of the federation?

We have five months until the start of the World Cup. There is not much that can be done during this period, and I think we should continue with the same technical staff, because Skocic knows the team. But we have to see what we did for the head coach and what do we expect from him? When we do not have a good preparation process and how can we expect success even from Jose Mourinho in this situation?

We are sometimes very optimistic and do not take reality into account. After the draw, everyone in Iran talked about advancing to the next round. But even compared to South Korea and Japan, what teams do they play with? See how many legionnaire players they have? A great coach is just one factor in success. Even Iranian clubs have such a view and only think that a good coach can succeed.

Since you have many years of experience in Wales, talk about the development of football in this country?

The most important factor of progress in this country has been the program of the last decade. In 2011, the Wales national team was ranked 117th and is now ranked 18th. This progress has been made in 11 years. Football is the second sport in the country and rugby is a favorite sport of the people. In the past, at the Cardiff Games, the stadium sold only 5,000 tickets out of 30,000 with a general discount. Tickets for the team’s games now expire one month before the match. There are a lot of opportunities for sports here and of course they often play rugby. The Welsh Football Federation has done a great job in recent years.

This trend started in 2011 with Gary Speed. He brought sports science to Welsh football and taught them in every way. Even the Wales national team trained on a different pitch every day at the time, but Gary Speed ​​changed that. They took the issue of talent seriously seriously. Woodburn, who now plays for Liverpool, first joined Wales at the age of 16 because the England national team was also looking for him. Also, Wales does not necessarily employ old players in grassroots football. They are looking for someone who has experience working in the basic category and does not care about names.

The Wales squad is very young and all these players have been playing together for years. But for example, the Iranian youth team in 2017, how many people have gone to the big teams and the senior team of Iran? Wells changed the hardware conditions drastically and experienced such a big improvement.

For example, what happened to the team of Farhad Pourgholami who did not climb? Players have to play together again to be able to make it to the big team of the year in the years to come. In Wales, it is believed that if a player from the youth team goes to the first team, he must have played at least 35 international games.

I attended Jose Mourinho’s coaching class and got a degree. During my trip to Iran, I wanted to show a video of Mourinho’s training sessions with some famous coaches, but no one showed interest. I tried to convey the important points in Mourinho’s Trades to the Iranian coaches, but no one was interested.

But let’s get to the suggestion of the North Korean national team, would you like to work in this country?

From the first day, I was interested in working in different countries. England, Wales, Portugal, Lithuania… Working in different countries allows you to improve your abilities and test yourself in different situations. North Korea’s offer came and I was supposed to be Eun Anderson’s assistant. But at the time of Donald Trump’s presidency, North Korea was under severe sanctions and wages could not be transferred. So Eun Anderson himself had no choice but to leave, and the contract was terminated when my presence in the country was finalized. Anderson was the coach and asked me to help, but he left too. I am interested in working in different countries. I had the offer of Zambia’s technical director, here they are often afraid of working in Africa, but I turned it down for other reasons.

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