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The president of the club revealed;

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez spoke in detail about the non-transfer of Killian Mbabane to the club.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, in a situation where there seemed to be no doubt about the transfer of Kilian Mbabane to Real Madrid, the game suddenly changed its mind and agreed on a new three-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain. The move shocked Real Madrid executives and fans, and now, about a month after this big purchase was canceled, Florentino Perez has offered an explanation for Killian Mbabane’s change of mind.

Lack of absorption of Kilian Mbabane: “Killian’s dream was to play for Real Madrid. We wanted to finalize the transfer last August, but Paris Saint-Germain did not allow it. He kept saying that he wanted to play for Madrid and about 15 days before the extension, the situation changed, which was due to political pressure on the one hand and economic pressure on the other. Mbabane felt trapped and, as a result, the easiest way to escape the conditions was to extend it.

They told us that Mbabane’s decision had changed and that there was no need to think about it. This decision shocked me, but football is a collective sport and no one can be different. He was also offered other leadership positions, such as the leadership of the Paris Club. So we said this is not the amba I wanted to attract and he is now another person who has to change his dream.

He is very young and we should not forget that such pressure affects us all. The French president contacts him and a person of this age is impressed. However, it did not make much sense for the president to do so, and there are other clubs in France. The president wants the country to improve, but he can create the conditions for other teams as well. Zinedine Zidane came to Real Madrid, Karim Benzema is a great player… I do not know why this happened.

Eventually, Killian Mbabane’s decision changed. They offer him new things, they put pressure on him and now he is another footballer. No one in Real Madrid is above the club. Mbabane is a great player and he may be more successful than others, but football is a collective sport and we have values ​​and principles that we can not change. I like Mbabane and he tried to come to Real Madrid, but the pressure made him change his mind and it is not easy. I think his mother wanted him to come to Real Madrid because that was his childhood dream. “They say Mbabane’s mother is upset and embarrassed.”

Strange pressures on Killian Mbabane: “Mbabane’s contract was extended and he changed his mind for any reason. President, Mayor of Paris, it is not easy for you to leave. Qatar then offers you things that are crazy and have a strange effect on a player’s sporting condition.

Mbabane is not a singer or a movie star, he is a team player and in a team everyone is equal. No one is superior to others. “Killian has said all his life that his dream is to play for Madrid, and in the end, he had a very bad day.”

Disagreement with Earling Holland: “We have the best number 9 in the world and we were not going to bring Holland to have him on the bench, right?” Dutch absorption clause for another two years? “We want to form a new team with the current youth and a few other players.”

Robert Lewandowski transferred to Barça: “He is not a free agent, but I think Lewandowski is of very good quality. “If Lewandowski can come to Barcelona, ​​it will be very good and such transfers will improve the whole league.”


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