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New bodybuilder of Persepolis;  Graduate of the University of Madrid!

If you are a serious follower of Iranian football, you have heard the name “Puspe Losada” in the case of reviewing the professional license of the Iranian representatives for the Asian Champions League; Someone who was added to the team during Majid Jalali’s term and then complained to FIFA, became the cause of Golgohar’s exclusion from the 2022 Asian Champions League.
He is now being added to the Persepolis squad after the last white foreign bodybuilding coach, Marko Stilinovic, came to Iran without any experience working in a professional football club, but with hard training, he attracted attention.
The Spanish Losada side is supposed to replace Rahimpour’s players, who accompanied Yahya in the car city of Persepolis, but eventually left the red team.
Who is the Lusada drone and what is its background?
* He is a graduate of the University of Madrid with a degree in coaching, bodybuilding and football rehabilitation, and will soon receive a professional coaching assistantship.
* He specializes in strength work and injury prevention and rehabilitation. He has also been a professor at the Andalusian Football College for some time.
* Losada considers himself a person with experience working with professional footballers, both individually and as a team. He also has experience working at all levels of Spanish professional football from the first to second division leagues, youth category, as well as first-hand work in Hungary, the Philippine League and the Iranian Premier League.
* Among his sporting successes, Pepe has experienced several promotions (Cadiz 2009-09 to La Liga 2, Real Balompedica Linz to REEF 2020-20), two second division titles (Cadiz in 2009-09 and 2011-12), FC Cup and Philippine League (Ceres Negros FC 2017) and participation in the Asian Champions League (Ceres Negros FC 2018).
It remains to be seen what this bodybuilding coach will do in his third experience in the Iranian league after Nesaji and Golgohar, and of course, will his presence in Iran be finalized or not?
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