Navidkia’s presence in Sepahan was a burning issue / Magath is one level higher than Morais

Navidkia's presence in Sepahan was a burning issue / Magath is one level higher than Morais

The former Sepahan coach says that coaches like Felix Magath can help Iranian football more.

In an interview with ISNA, Mojtaba Tutuni stated about Navidkia’s separation from Sepahan: “Everyone knows where Navidkia’s Muharram’s position is.” He is a myth for Sepahan spectators. Navidkia was made the head coach of Sepahan without experience, and this was not a matter of principle. In my opinion, this caused a big nut to burn. Another mistake was that Navidkia did not have strong coaches by his side to think with him in times of trouble. Unfortunately, Sepahan coaches could not help Navidkia. The biggest damage was from this point.
He said about Navidkia replacement option: the internal option has one feature and the external option has one feature. The locals are familiar with our customs and know our behavioral conditions. They can coordinate better. The problem of the foreign coach is cultural and intellectual differences. Foreigners come with a different culture and when they encounter our players, a new challenge arises for them. The success of a foreign coach is time consuming and we have to give him a few months.
“This is the way to the success of a foreign coach,” said the football coach, who said that a foreign coach must coordinate himself a lot. Of course, a quality foreign coach finds his way well. We can not say that a coach is good because he comes from Europe or South America. I have seen that the foreign coach who came to Iran was very poor technically and we should pay more attention to the economic situation. However, a quality foreign coach helps our country’s football.
He said about Jose Morais and Felix Magath, possible options for Sepahan club: “Felix Magath is a higher level than Morais, but he has not coached for several years.” It was a challenge for him and I think people like Magath can help our football. Morais has been Mourinho’s assistant for several years, but the two options are quite different. Morais was also the head coach, but he is still known as Mourinho’s assistant.
Tutoni added: “Morais has to work as a coach, which is a different challenge than being an assistant. In making decisions, the players will be challenged in the arrangement and selection, and a good coach needs to pass an exam. We hope that Morais can help our football and not enter our football only in the name of a Portuguese coach, because names alone do not help our football.
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