Myanmar’s mortar attack on Bangladesh left one dead and 6 injured – UE News

Myanmar's mortar attack on Bangladesh left one dead and 6 injured

According to IRNA from the “France” news agency, meanwhile, the Myanmar army is regularly engaged with the Arakan army, which is trying to get autonomy for the residents of Rakhine.
The leader of the Rohingya Muslims, Dil Mohammad, who lives on the border in Tumbro district, said that this 18-year-old Muslim man died when a mortar shell from Myanmar fired into the area in the late hours of Friday. Rohingya refugees were terrified.
On the other hand, General Faizur Rahman, the head of Bangladesh’s border guard operations, also told AFP that the attack took the life of a Rohingya person, and the border guard forces are securing the border and will announce a strong protest to Myanmar.
A Bangladeshi civilian official, who asked to remain anonymous, told AFP that 6 other people were injured in the attack in the border village of “Kunabara” in Bangladesh.
This is the first time that a mortar fired from Myanmar into Bangladesh kills a person.
Earlier, the government of Dhaka has expressed its concern over the firing of mortars into the territory of Bangladesh and the aimless firing and violation of airspace by Myanmar.

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