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According to “Varzesh Seh”, with one day left until the official start of the summer transfers of Iranian football, Persepolis also made its fifth transfer purchase and hired Mehdi Ahmadi.

This is in the context of rumors about the recruitment of the sixth Persepolis player, and while the sixth purchase was expected to be made, this has not happened yet. On the other hand, there are many rumors about Persepolis players leaving.

Here, the reporters of Persepolis “Varzesh Seh” along with the field reporter stationed in front of Persepolis Club, broadcast the news, rumors and speculations related to the transfer events of this team moment by moment.

Stay with us:

18:55 – Saeed Sadeghi is an attractive transfer option for Persepolis, and like Soroush Rafiei, after the end of the national team camp, the task of his presence in one of the contending teams will be determined. Persepolis will keep one of the Premier League quotas for him.

18:51 – With the separation of Hamed Lak, Ahmad Gohari will remain in the Persepolis team and will be present alongside Alireza Biranvand. He has a one-year contract with Persepolis.

18:47 – Contrary to the news published in cyberspace, Mehdi Ahmadi, the new purchase of Persepolis team, is the quota of the Premier League.

18:41 – Officials of Persepolis Club once again denied negotiations with Omid Nourafkan and Sepahan Club to attract this player.

18:07 – In response to the question about how much he hopes for progress in this team, considering that many young players have not been successful in Persepolis, Ahmadi replied: “Thank God, I am very ready and I came with all the difficulties and I knew the conditions;” I can help this club and the club can help me progress.

18:02 – Ehsan Hosseini left Persepolis Club. He did not reach an agreement with Persepolis.

17:31 – Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi, defender and left winger of Omid national team, joined Persepolis with a three-year contract.

17:16 – Ehsan Hosseini entered Persepolis club.

17:15 – Reza Darvish left the club. He has left the club for an important meeting.

17:09 Erfan Bagheri left the club without signing a contract with Persepolis.

16:54 – Reza Darvish issued a ruling this morning introducing Mohammad Panjali as the director of the Persepolis Football Academy and Schools.

16:33 – Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi, a former player of Masjed Soleyman Oil, entered Persepolis Club.

16:11 – Erfan Bagheri, a former player of Omid Esteghlal, entered Persepolis Club.

16:08 – The league organization officially announced: the summer transfer period and the pre-season of the Premier League will start on Monday, June 14th and end on Wednesday, September 30th.

4:00 pm – Mohammad Mehdi Ahmadi, a 21-year-old Masjed Soleyman oil winger, joins Persepolis.

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