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Japan lost 3-2 to the United States on a day of good performance.

The national volleyball teams of the United States and Japan met this morning in the framework of the Nations League competitions, according to “Varzesh Seh”; The United States did not have a hard time in their previous two matches and defeated the Netherlands and Slovenia 3-1 to be at the top of the Nations League table. On the other hand, Japan showed a well-prepared team from the very beginning of the tournament, beating the Netherlands and China 3-1.

Japan had a great start to today’s match and managed to defeat their opponent with a result of 17-25. In the second set, it was the United States that performed better, and in the end, it won 15-25. John Sprau’s students also outperformed their opponents in the third set, winning 21-25 to make it 2-1 in the count.

In the fourth set, it was Japan who managed to defeat the United States in a close and spectacular competition with a result of 26-26, so that fate would be drawn to the fifth set. In the final set of the match, the United States dominated its Asian opponent from the very beginning and finally won 15-9 to win a hard-fought victory.

In fact, despite the defeat, Japan has once again shown how far it has come and how it can compete with world powers. In today’s match, Ensign, Kiel were the best players in America and on the field. On the other hand, Miura Kento was the most scoring player of the Japanese on the day when Boji Nishida did not play.


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