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Asian Gymnastics Championship

The Asian Gymnastics Championships were followed by the promotion of two representatives of our country to the finals.

The Asian Gymnastics Championships started today (Wednesday) hosted by the city of Doha in Qatar, and our country’s representatives performed their movements in three devices.

In the preliminary stage of the competition, Mehdi Ahmad Kohani was among the top 8 gymnasts with a score of 14.367 and reached the final.

Also, Saeed Reza Kikha stood in the third place with 14,133 points in the ring vault and reached the final of this device. In this event, gymnasts from Kazakhstan, China and Japan advanced to the finals.

Mohammad Reza Khosronejad, Mohammad Shafiei and Mehdi Al-Fati are the other three national team players of our country who competed in ground movements, hoops and hoops and did not succeed in reaching the final.

19 countries are participating in the ninth edition of the Asian Art Gymnastics Championship. The top teams and the top 16 will get a total of 6 permits to participate in the World Cup in England.


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