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September 25, 1401 at 20:02

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In an interview with a TV channel, Alireza Jahanbakhsh talked about his brilliant performance in the recent Feyenoord game and said that scoring a goal in this match was very important for him.

Jahanbakhsh: It's a pity that I couldn't score a hat trick

According to “Varezh Se”, Alireza Jahanbakhsh Iranian star Feyenoord On Tuesday night, he appeared brilliantly in the match against Sturm Graz in the Europa League and scored two goals against the Austrian team, ending his nearly seven-month failure to open the opponents’ goal.

In Feyenoord’s match against Sturm Graz, Jahanbakhsh opened the gates in the 9th minute while playing as a right winger and scored his team’s first goal. He scored his second goal in the 41st minute to play an important role in Feyenoord’s 6-goal victory.

In an interview with ESPN, Alireza talked about his brilliant performance in this game and said: “That night was a wonderful night for us as a team and also for me as a player.”

Our coach said that the opponent’s goalkeeper will fall asleep on the floor very soon if he is faced with a one-on-one situation. I saw at the last moment that the goalkeeper lay down to narrow the angle and I decided to shoot immediately. I think it turned out to be a very beautiful flower.”

Jahanbakhsh could even score a hat-trick in this match, but his third goal was rejected by the referee due to a mistake in his movements before the goal was scored. Alireza said about this rejected goal: “It was a pity. But I am happy that I was able to help my team win. We worked very well in recent games and the whole team has gained more confidence. “Scoring a goal in this game was very important for me because I was able to prove that I have returned to ideal conditions.”


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