Iraq’s Coordination Framework Reveals America’s Purpose to Maintain Al-Hol Camp in Syria / Instability in the Middle East

Iraq's Coordination Framework Reveals America's Purpose to Maintain Al-Hol Camp in Syria / Instability in the Middle East

According to IRNA, in an interview with the Baghdad Al-Youm news site, Al-Jubouri stated the important priorities of Iraq’s national security and added that one of the most important of these priorities is the “Al-Hol” camp in Syria.
He clarified that international and American intelligence centers use the said camp as a foil for their geopolitical purposes in order to maintain their interests.
This leader of the coordination framework of Shia groups continued: Iraq is facing a threat that 20 thousand terrorists present in this camp will create for our country, the biggest security threat in the world with the direct support of America.
Al-Maamori added: Al-Hol camp will be an important priority in Iraq’s national security in the future government. Especially after the killing of a number of terrorists, who were found to have recently entered Iraq from this camp, and this issue demands that a firm stance be taken against this real threat to the security and stability of the country.
Qasim al-Aarji, Iraq’s national security advisor, also called on the international community to destroy Al-Hol camp with a serious and real action and all the terrorists. [به جای دیگری] transferred, tried so that this area becomes a clean and safe area.
He added: Every day that passes after the establishment of the Al-Hol camp, hatred, malice and financial support for terrorism will intensify.
The National Security Adviser of Iraq pointed out the continuous efforts of Daesh to break prisons and said that terrorists need a leader and they succeed in prison. they attacked
The al-Hol camp houses a large population, which is located in the northeast of Syria and 10 kilometers from the Iraqi border.
According to the United Nations report, about 56,000 people live in al-Hol camp, a camp that is referred to as a “time bomb”.
This camp also houses about 10,000 foreign ISIS members.
Among the other residents of this camp are Syrian and Iraqi displaced families, some of whom are still connected with the ISIS terrorist group.

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