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A member of the Iranian national wrestling team in the 2021 World Championships in Oslo, he signed a contract with the German team Mainz.

According to “Varzesh Seh” and quoting Tasnim, Sajjad Abbaspour, who attracted the attention of Mohammad Bana in the 55 kg weight category last year and became a member of the French national team in the Norwegian World Championships, joined the German team Mainz with a contract.

Mainz became the runner-up in the German Bundesliga last year and will have an Iranian wrestler this season.

Abbaspour lost his chance to participate in the 2022 national team cycle due to not participating in the Takhti World Cup in March.

The Bundesliga Wrestling League competitions are held in the freestyle wrestling weights, and for this reason, the Mazandaran wrestler is scheduled to go to the mat for Mainz in two weights of 57 and 61 kg.

Meanwhile, Ali Arsalan Melli, a 72kg Serbian national team player who became a dual national last year, has also signed a contract with the Bundesliga champions and is scheduled to accompany the team after the World Cup in Belgrade.


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