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According to the report of “Varzesh Seh”, in the first two matches of the Nations League, we witnessed two different sides of the Iranian national volleyball team. In the first match, the rejuvenated Iranian team faced China, and except for one set, it had an acceptable performance against its opponent, and in the end, it succeeded in winning 3-1 so that our country’s leaders could have a good start in this tournament.

In the second match, however, the situation was completely different for Behrouz Atai’s students; Where the Iranian national volleyball team, unlike its first match, presented a disappointing performance and lost in three consecutive sets to its not so strong opponent.

After two different experiences at the start of the Nations League, the Iranian national volleyball team played its third match against Australia this morning and finally managed to defeat its opponent 3-1. The Iranian national volleyball team played a psychological game in the first set of the match, and Australia was almost in sync with Iran until the ninth point, but then the Iranian volleyball men dictated their authority on the field to the opponent and the first set was 25-14 in favor. Iran is over. In the first set, the Iranian team gained 13 points from attack, two defenses, two services and eight points from Australian mistakes.

In the second set, the good trend of the Iranian team continued, and despite the fact that Australia was in the first points of the standings with Iran, Behrouz Atai’s students won 25-22 to take a 2-0 lead in terms of sets.

In the third set, the first three points of the game went to the Australian team. This issue had a negative psychological effect on the young players of Iran, and despite the efforts of the national team, the result of this set reached 25 to 18 in Australia. The Iranian team played several services in this set and lost many points. Reza Ramezani and Saber Kazemi also played in this set.

In the fourth set of the Iranian team, as in the first and second sets, Kobandeh started so that the Australian coach was forced to take a break in favor of Iran in the score of 6 to 2, but the next point also reached Iran again. In total, this set was 25 to 15 in favor of the Iranian Reds, so that the Iranian men’s volleyball team would eventually win the match three to one.

The performance of the Iranian team against Australia was better than the opponent in all items, including attack, defense and service, and with this result, the Iranian team, in addition to winning for the second time, made up for the three-year defeat against this team last year.

At the beginning of the match, Behrouz Ataei, the head coach of the Iranian national volleyball team, used the combination of Milad Ebadipoor (captain), Amir Hossein Tokhteh, Amin Esmailnejad, Amir Hossein Esfandiar, Mehdi Jelveh, Mohammad Taher Wadi and Mohammad Reza Hazratpour as libro.

Trent Uda, always Hazelden, Ethan Garrett, Beo Graham, Nicholas Butler and Max Senica were in the starting line-up of the Australian team at the beginning of the match and Luke Perry was the team libero. The Australian team was led by David Preston.

The match was refereed by Vera Machan Walter Hugo from Peru as the first referee and Buroto’s Iglesias Ricardo from Cuba as the second referee.

Today (Sunday, June 12), the Iranian men’s volleyball team will play two matches with a distance of less than 14 hours, which will face Japan in the second match at 20:30, in the second week, to end their work in the first week of the Nations League.

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