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Antonio Cassano:

Former Inter star Antonio Cassano believes the team should not buy Romulo Lukaku again.

According to “Varzesh Se”, Romulo Lukaku, the Belgian star and former Inter, is not satisfied with the conditions of his recent months in London and is trying in any way to play again next season in a Nerazzurri uniform. But Inter do not have easy terms to agree with Romulo Lukaku and may not be able to pay the player. Antonio Cassano also opposed the possible transfer, claiming that Romulo Lukaku would be recruited at the cost of Laotaro Martinez’s departure.

“I was the one who did not allow Romulo Lukaku to play for Inter again,” said Antonio Cassano. He claimed to be joining his dream team last summer and received a salary of € 15 million from Chelsea. But now he is not in good condition in London and that is why he wants to return to Italy.

Given that Paolo Dybala is also moving to Inter, Inter will have to sell Laotaro Martinez to buy Romulo Lukaku, and I would not have done so. You also have to pay a lot to buy Lukaku, but you also have to consider the reaction of the fans. If Romulo Lukaku scores two goals per game, that’s fine, but otherwise things get tough. So Romulo Lukaku should think about these possible events next season as well. “At this point I believe the player will stay at Chelsea.”


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