In Ukraine, some ethnic Hungarians feel dual about the war – UA News

Ukrainian intelligence officials have publicly claimed that the texts came from a robot farm in Odessa using Russian software, calling it Russia’s attempt to destabilize Ukraine, but they did not provide any evidence.

Tensions in Transcarpathia began publicly after Crimea annexed Moscow in 2014. Right-wing nationalists have marched in the streets of Ojehrud in recent years, occasionally chanting “adventure with a knife.”

And a Hungarian cultural center in the town of Ozehrud was set on fire twice in 2017. In both cases, officials said the perpetrators had pro-Russian ties. Dmitry Tuzhansky, director of the Central European Strategy Institute in Ozhhrod, which promotes Ukraine’s alignment with the West, says Moscow believes it is behind other local provocations. He claimed that Moscow wanted to create a rift between Hungary and Ukraine in order to create more trouble for the Western alliance, which has lined up against Mr Putin.

He feared that Hungarian and local authorities might inadvertently fall prey to such plans: “They may think: one more small provocation – does not make sense. “This is a very dangerous way of thinking.”

However, for many ethnic Hungarians, Ukraine is not perfect.

Laszlo Zubaniks, leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Ukraine, said locals watch Hungarian television in part because no Ukrainian cable channels reach the border areas, which he called a form of political negligence. But he acknowledged that ethnic Hungarians often preferred to connect to Hungarian satellite channels rather than Ukrainian ones.

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