In the new textbooks, Hong Kong was never a British colony – UA News

“Beijing only admits that Britain has imposed a ‘colonial rule’ on Hong Kong,” he added. Of course, textbooks must reflect Beijing’s position. ”

Mr Love, who is credited with editing one of the textbooks, declined to comment further on the books themselves, saying he had played only a limited role.

The new school-based textbooks appear to be a revamped civic high school course known in previous years. Free studies. It emphasized critical thinking and taught students to be objective and analytical. particle for direct object Older curriculum, Developed by education officials in 2007 and periodically updated, did not appear to address the circumstances leading up to the transfer of Hong Kong. Some teachers discussed democracy, civil rights, and even the Tiananmen Square massacre as part of their curriculum.

The new era that was renamed Citizenship and social development Last year, it listed “Hong Kong Return to China” as part of its first lesson plan. More emphasis on patriotism, “sovereignty and sovereignty of China” and National Security Act.

Excerpts from textbooks seen by the Times repeatedly reinforce the party’s position on Hong Kong. “The British aggression violated the principles of international law, so the occupation of the Hong Kong area should not have been legalized,” said the teachers’ proven version of a textbook published by the Hong Kong Educational Publishing Company.

“Hong Kong did not have a colonial position and therefore there was no so-called self-determination,” the statement said.

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