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I played against 6 big national teams in the world;

Iranian defender Soomqayat emphasized that he will stay in the Azerbaijan League next season.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, Hojjat Haghvardi, who after the time of his presence in Zobahan and Peykan teams in the winter transfers of the twentieth league, believes that the conditions of the Azerbaijani Premier League are better than those of Iran and have more possibilities.

* What are the conditions like?

Last season we were sixth. There are eight teams in the Azerbaijani Premier League and naturally we did not get a good result. A year ago, we became the third team in the table to win the conference league quota, but last season, the club did not do very well in terms of recruiting players, and I do not think it was a good season. I also have a contract with this team, but I want to leave.

* How did you see the quality level of the Azerbaijan League?

Before I came here, I did not have much information and even now many people do not know what it looks like, but I think 50% of the players of the Azerbaijani League teams are foreign and from different countries; They do not look like low-quality foreign players like some players who come to Iran and are not good, and 70% of them played in European leagues, and this has raised the level of Azerbaijani football. There are many differences between Azerbaijan and Iran because the Iranian league has 16 teams and in my opinion Azerbaijan has a more physical league than Iran. Those who follow the games of Azerbaijan know that it is more similar to the European leagues. Teams play on the football field and try to bring their level closer to European teams. The Azerbaijan League has four European quotas, with the champion team going to the Champions League, the second team going to the Europa League and the third and fourth teams going to the Conference League. Qarabagh advanced from their group last season and lost to Marseille, and Naftchi is usually promoted to the group stage of the Europa League and eliminated in the knockout stages. The quality of our team was lower than those two teams and we were eliminated in the first stage because our opponent was a very good team.

* Some of our players are in Azerbaijan, India and Armenia; What are the conditions of these countries compared to our league?

Can not be compared at all; For example, I do not think the Armenian league has a very good team in Europe. Azerbaijan is much higher than Iran in terms of facilities and infrastructure, every club in Azerbaijan has a camp and at least two private stadiums of the highest quality, but in Iran we do not have such a thing. The players they attract are foreign and of good quality; For this reason, the level here is higher, but the quality of Iranian players is higher than that of Azerbaijani players.

* Does your team have any other foreign players besides you and Ali Ghorbani?

Ali Ghorbani and I were Iranians. There are 6 players for Russia because a lot of players come to Azerbaijan from Eastern Europe and we had four Ukrainian players. Our team was limited in recruiting players and could get players from surrounding countries; That’s because of the budget they have; Leading other teams is free to recruit players; Somqayat has also been allowed to take players from all countries for next season; Our most prominent players are the Russians who played for CSKA Moscow; Our two Ukrainian players were in Shakhtar, but Karabakh and Naftchi are getting very good players.

* Do you have an offer to return to Iran?

I talked to two or three teams through different agents and coaches, but when I came to Azerbaijan, my goal was to play outside Iran for a few years. I played in the Iran League for seven years. I was in Zobahan for three years and in Peykan for four years, and of course I played in League One in Abu Muslim for a year before that, and I think it was time for me to gain new experiences and play in other countries, given my age. Thank God, I have been in good condition since I came to Azerbaijan. Maybe our club team did not get a good result this year, but last season we got good results and I played in the Europa League. I was given a passport and I have 14 national games at the highest level in Azerbaijan and I played against 6 big teams and it added to my experience. I am satisfied with my situation, but I do not know where to go next season because we were involved in national games and the last game almost ended five days ago. I have just returned to Iran and I have not yet made a decision for next season. I do not think I will return to Iran and it is not yet clear whether I will be in Azerbaijan or another country because it is time to rest.

* How is the game for the national team of Azerbaijan?
Unfortunately, we did not advance in the group stage of the World Cup; Our group was very hard. We were in the same group with Serbia, Portugal, Luxembourg and Ireland, which of course Qatar was in our group, but the game with that team was preparatory. Serbia rose as the first team. We finished fifth by three points over Luxembourg, which I did not think was a bad result. We had a few draws but we could not win. In our national team, there are eight players for other countries, which is still a big difference compared to European teams, and the team could not go to the World Cup. The European League of Nations has already started and Kazakhstan, Slovakia and Belarus are in our group. We played 4 and we are third in our group. We have two games left and we have a chance to go to the next stage.


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