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According to Sports Three; Mohammad Nosrati, the former captain of Traktor, was added to the technical staff of Traktor in the last half of the season, and along with Saglam, they managed to get the tractor out of the critical situation. With the end of the season and Saglam leaving the team, it is not clear what the winning conditions will be or whether he will work alongside Berdyev. In this regard, the sports reporter had three conversations with Mohammad Nosrati, which you can read below.

The support of tractor fans brought the crisis out of the crisis

Mr. Nosrati, you said that the body of the tractor will not fall either! What was the situation like?

– We went through a difficult year and when we came to Traktor, the confidence in the team was dead and with the united support of the fans and the efforts of the technical staff and players, we managed to be proud and keep Traktor dignified in the league. The club was with us for a long time and all the needs and infrastructure were provided for the success of a team, and as I said, the body of this tractor did not fall, and I am glad that this did not happen.

We had a good cooperation with Saglam

Mr. Nosrati, how was your cooperation with Saglam and will your cooperation with Traktor continue?

– Saghelam was a good coach and a healthy person that we had a good cooperation with each other and if it was possible to continue cooperation in the tractor, I would welcome it, but for any reason, the healthy cooperation with the tractor was not provided and I wish them success and my cooperation With Traktor, I have to say that my contract with Traktor has expired, and due to the unclear status of the head coach, I have not been talked to for the next season, and of course, they have not announced the termination of cooperation, but I consider myself a fan and veteran of Traktor. If the team needs me, I will serve them.

The tractor needs a quality player

Last season’s tractor had no signs of last year’s tractor, what do you know the reasons for this failure?

– Last season, Traktor lost the transfer season, and from the player’s point of view, this team has suffered a lot, and now, in order to bring Traktor to its true position, it urgently needs quality players, and this team must be balanced with good players. This team has two elimination championships and see what players have won these championships with and in our time great players were together and Ali Karimi, Karim Ansarifard, Mehdi Karimian, Javad Kazemian, Flavio Lopez, Morteza Asadi and many others… And now Traktor needs a good generation, and now is the time to provide these championship needs, and Traktor should not waste more than this time and formalize the actions it has taken, so that both the fans are comfortable and the club itself is clear. . I’m sure he will close the tractor to claim, but now there are a few teams in the transfer window and we have to hurry, and of course the fans can help the club a lot by calming down and creating a positive atmosphere in this way.

There is no name left in the tractor, only the tractor and its fans

Tractor fans had special support for Saglam and why didn’t this happen?

– Traktor is a normal team without the support of its fans and today it needs the support of the fans to return to the top. I do not think the names matter and you see what coaches have been in this team? The late Wesley Goja, Maidan Dorp, Tony, Saglam, Qala-e-Novi, Khatibi and many other elders, but all of them are gone, but the tractor remains and the fans. Look at the players from the distant past, whose stars were Sheikh Lari and the Azarnians, to our era, when they were Ali Mr. Karimi, and now they are young stars, but all of them are leaving, and Traktor remains a fan. So Traktor fans should support their team and not pay attention to other issues. It does not matter if I am Mohammad Nosrati in this team or not, and it is important that the originality and character of Traktor be preserved.

Sardar praised Berdyev a lot

Ghorban Berdyev will be mentioned as the head coach of Traktor next season. With your knowledge of Traktor’s conditions, can Berdyev return this team to its previous position?

– I did not know Mr. Berdyev myself and I have researched about him in the last few days and we talked about this coach with Sardar Azmoun and Sardar praised this coach a lot and considered him one of the best coaches in Russia and Berdiyev’s presence in He considered Traktor not only in favor of Traktor but also in favor of Iranian football. Berdyev is the head coach of construction and we hope that his experiences in tractors will pay off and we will see the tractor with a structure in which the name of the tractor is.

Interview: Saeed Abdi

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