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Glad I answered your trust;

Ertugrul Saglam said goodbye to tractor fans by posting on Instagram.

According to “Varzesh Seh”, while the Traktor club is going through the last negotiations to sign a contract with Gurban Berdiyev, Ertugrul Saglam officially said goodbye to the fans of this team and wrote on his Instagram: “Unfortunately, I must say that it is time for the fans.” Goodbye tractor; Those who supported us from day one with their encouragement.

Referring to the failed negotiations with Traktor, he said: “The negotiations we had with the club’s managers for the new season did not lead to an agreement.” I must say that I am happy with the flag we carried during the most difficult period in the history of the club – when hopes were dashed and there was severe disorder; We deliver while we are not ashamed of the people who trusted us.

At the end of Saglam’s Istanbul-language statement on his Instagram account, he said: “While wishing success to the entire tractor collection, I emphasize that I will not withhold my support in the adventurous and bad days that may occur in the future.”

Saghlam has been the head coach of Traktor for two and a half seasons.


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